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I have loved dogs and animals for as long as I can remember, and I have always had a strong, almost uncanny, bonding, with dogs, in particular. I've had many different breeds of dogs, but especially love Irish Setters. At 3 or 4 years old (Mom doesn't remember exactly), Mother would find me 2 yards away, sitting on a neighbor's steps, "head to head, blonde hair against black (she smiles fondly while telling the story), with a cocker spaniel", frequently. She told father we had to move to the country so I could get a dog. I still remember many of the other dogs from that neighborhood that I visited, as well. At 6, we moved to the country and I got my first dog, a collie, Lassie. I truly loved her and we were best friends. At 12, I bought my first Irish Setter, Missy, with savings from my allowance. She was my best friend and companion thru my teen years and into my 20's. Over the next years I had many different breeds, loving them all, but missed Irish Setters.
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The Family
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My first Irish Setter
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Ellie with puppies
11 years ago, I bought a very well bred (many show champions in her pedigree) Irish Setter puppy, Hannah, as I was going thru difficult family times and needed another best friend/companion. Hannah was exceptionally nice in all respects and I bred her to a good male and had wonderful puppies. I had tremendously positive feedback after their sales, many inquiring, "What do you do to result in such a wonderful, well adjusted, easily trainable puppy?" I bred Hannah again and she had a litter born on St. Patrick's Day, my birthday, too. My 5 year old granddaughter, Sarah, was here for the birthing and she (already a dog lover, too), got to pick a puppy to keep.
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We added Lucky to our family and, as pictures show, they became very close, and another daughter, also, from a later litter. We continue to raise puppies and have ongoing positive feedback and referrals from happy people, many with families and children. Some of my dogs are doing therapy work and/or perform in obedience trials. I truly believe I am providing best friends, unconditionally loving companions and family members, and that it is a positive endeavor in an especially troubled world, especially for families with children. At 57 I feel I have a mission and rewarding labor of love (and , as I call it, lots of "Fun work"). I invite anyone to come meet the family here and I'm sure you'll be amazed and happily impressed, both by my "core family" of 5 and surely with the puppies. All are very happy healthy dogs. I spend tremendous time with top notch care and loving of all, and guarantee you'll not find anything comparable.
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Sarah dancing with Lucky
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Sadly The "Grand Madame", Hannah, passed, November 13 th, 2010, with me by her side, here in the house. I buried her myself, in front of the house, between the windows of the study and my bedroom, as she was always by my side and will be eternally. She's wrapped in her favorite blanket, with beautiful flowers growing now, on her grave. My friend forever. Love you and miss you Hannah. Cathy, August 18, 2011
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Casey was born here, February 29,2012, leap day. She was bred here and is the daughter of Lucky, granddaughter of Hannah. Her father is Red. She is a magnificent animal, very loving and calm, and very intelligent.We all love her and I am proud. Everyone that meets her is amazed, literally, including our vet.
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